Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga on Internet Business Program

Tony Seruga Program creator. Tony Seruga Program modulator on internet marketing. Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga talks on Internet business program. According to Anthony Seruga now any one can start an internet business as the internet is always open to us atleast till 2015 cause The search giant Google believes on the internet democracy & also we do , so now starting an online business is been easy but all these is a business or this is a scam. in recent years like in 2010 or 2011 there are several home business platform has been established and they have earned well basically the owners of these program.  So what's all the money making program do you want to know then explaining.

Home Business nah ? Yeah these home business is nothing but an affiliate program. The owners of these application is telling the people that you don't need to know anything to earn $20,000 a month and they are convincing the people as they only have the convincing power and making fool of general people. General peoples are being trapped on that plan cause they need money but they don't have either good ways to make money, so they are rushing for the scheme. People are getting into this cause the owners of these platform are promising that with a little amount like $29 or with $37 for one time payment you can earn a fortune from home and without doing nothing. Is this really possible ? Listen my friend everything is possible in this world , a person can make 50K a months if the guy have the gut only from this affiliate marketing. So when a general person buys this program , he think that Ha H Ha I am richin soOOon nah ?, they are foolss I say that you can't make money online with this if you don't have the skill of Internet marketing as to earn this way the person need to know the pros and con of Online Marketing including boring SEO & Social Media marketing. This is a very interesting story indeed. So when the guy purchased the plan, after 15 days they ask for their sites and the details but alas instead of getting the  automatic money making website they been suggested that you have to buy a hosting plan and support system , so you will need another $37, this story doesn't end here as they ask for a recurrent payment every month whether there are any income or not. OK if the things gone well till this time & the buyer had the patient then the system owners tell them that now you need to write the articles on your own basically reviews of the product & then link to a affiliate products links & make money but the fact is writing reviews or articles is not that much easy as there is need of the knowledge of on sites SEO cause on a particular topic articles there should a targeting relevant keyword, the writer must know that how much and & where to put that keyword to get the maximum exposure in case of search Engine ranking. Now comes to the ranking of the site for that specific keyword as if the site doesn't show at the top then how anyone will find the sites, read the reviews and buy the item and you make the money ? Now for this the program owner offer SEO service which is quite costly..So you wanted to make money online, wanted to leave the job and wanted to have a great time in leisure in Miami Beach but Alas! you couldn't get that. So that's how the online business works.

If you want to do a little social media marketing then you should start with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,YouTube & there are several specific platform. This is real that you can earn more than $20K a month from home but you have to have serious knowledge on this. You can also make money from local business affiliate and this method is totally scam free. Tony Seruga provides all the supports for the local business entrepreneurs & organizations. For more info visit Anthony Seruga Yolanda Seruga has the best ways to earn money and having the best time on internet.

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