Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga on Internet Business Program

Tony Seruga Program creator. Tony Seruga Program modulator on internet marketing. Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga talks on Internet business program. According to Anthony Seruga now any one can start an internet business as the internet is always open to us atleast till 2015 cause The search giant Google believes on the internet democracy & also we do , so now starting an online business is been easy but all these is a business or this is a scam. in recent years like in 2010 or 2011 there are several home business platform has been established and they have earned well basically the owners of these program.  So what's all the money making program do you want to know then explaining.

Home Business nah ? Yeah these home business is nothing but an affiliate program. The owners of these application is telling the people that you don't need to know anything to earn $20,000 a month and they are convincing the people as they only have the convincing power and making fool of general people. General peoples are being trapped on that plan cause they need money but they don't have either good ways to make money, so they are rushing for the scheme. People are getting into this cause the owners of these platform are promising that with a little amount like $29 or with $37 for one time payment you can earn a fortune from home and without doing nothing. Is this really possible ? Listen my friend everything is possible in this world , a person can make 50K a months if the guy have the gut only from this affiliate marketing. So when a general person buys this program , he think that Ha H Ha I am richin soOOon nah ?, they are foolss I say that you can't make money online with this if you don't have the skill of Internet marketing as to earn this way the person need to know the pros and con of Online Marketing including boring SEO & Social Media marketing. This is a very interesting story indeed. So when the guy purchased the plan, after 15 days they ask for their sites and the details but alas instead of getting the  automatic money making website they been suggested that you have to buy a hosting plan and support system , so you will need another $37, this story doesn't end here as they ask for a recurrent payment every month whether there are any income or not. OK if the things gone well till this time & the buyer had the patient then the system owners tell them that now you need to write the articles on your own basically reviews of the product & then link to a affiliate products links & make money but the fact is writing reviews or articles is not that much easy as there is need of the knowledge of on sites SEO cause on a particular topic articles there should a targeting relevant keyword, the writer must know that how much and & where to put that keyword to get the maximum exposure in case of search Engine ranking. Now comes to the ranking of the site for that specific keyword as if the site doesn't show at the top then how anyone will find the sites, read the reviews and buy the item and you make the money ? Now for this the program owner offer SEO service which is quite costly..So you wanted to make money online, wanted to leave the job and wanted to have a great time in leisure in Miami Beach but Alas! you couldn't get that. So that's how the online business works.

If you want to do a little social media marketing then you should start with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,YouTube & there are several specific platform. This is real that you can earn more than $20K a month from home but you have to have serious knowledge on this. You can also make money from local business affiliate and this method is totally scam free. Tony Seruga provides all the supports for the local business entrepreneurs & organizations. For more info visit Anthony Seruga Yolanda Seruga has the best ways to earn money and having the best time on internet.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Review on New Social Media Site Pheed

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Being the online social media sawy review on new social media site named Pheed. According to Tony Seruga there are now the rush of new social media sites but how much of them get members, not that much but the Pheed is getting good feedback from critics and getting the core things and that is it's real user. Pheed is somewhat replica of Twitter. They are promising to surpass the twitter & Facebook. Pheed is a new social media platform which offers sharing features such as text, photos and videos launched on October 1 2012, in Los Angeles by a group of friends those who are committed to take over the cloud beating Twitter & Facebook.

What is Pheed ?
OK at first this can be called as a micro-blogging site as you can post text with 420 characters which triple to the twitter supported characters. You can find that twitter supported number of character is not sufficient for you to express it within 140 characters but at Pheed you are getting 420.
You can upload videos and share with the words you want to
You can Upload pictures and share them.
I think it is competing with MySpace as it has a option with which you can upload songs & can do share.
Some of the good thing is they have the copyright badge with which you can protect your texted words if you want to just clicking on the copyright option.
You can plan & create event & schedule it & get money

Another amazing thing is you can earn money with Pheed as Pheed gives you the option to monetize your event or content either by applying a monthly subscription fee to your channel or setting a pay-per-view live broadcast event. In both cases, you select the pricing and earn directly.

Hope this will be a great platform for the people who loves social media to be in touch with their Family & Friends.

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga business organizer helps the business publishers to run their business smoothly

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Reviews on Online Marketing For Local Business.

Being the best Local Business Start ups Expert Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga The i con guy reviews on Online local marketing for business. To get profit from business , anyone must have the domination for local online search term.
So how do you get domination over your competitors ?

Google has given the best opportunities for the local business publishers.

There are plenty of local review sites like

Google Place
Yahoo local
Yellow Pages

There are about more than 200 local business listing sites for free along with some paid listing.

If you register your business on Google Places then for your search term your company will be shown with the others. Then if you list your business website with proper title & with keyword rich description regarding your business at the right category then for the search term the company name will be most probably at the first position. The good thing is if you don't indulge scam and fraud in your business then you are bound to get good customers as you will get good honest satisfied customers reviews for free , only if you run your business legitimately means without scam and fraud. If you can increase your good reviews on Yelp then this is very helpful to get more customers as recent surveys shows that more than 80% people depends on the people reviews on Yelp & sites like this. Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga teaches the new business publishers to get good reviews for their business. There are several ways you could increase your good rating on review sites , when you get a satisfied customer then you could ask a review from him/her. This helps great. You could give some discount in exchange of a very good & Fair review. For Free Consultation with Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga regarding start ups a business you can contact us.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga pros and cons on Using Free Market Place To grow Business

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga marketing i con. Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga does the things without scam & fraud. There are several platform to grow business for even free. If you sell your item on eBay or on Amazon then you have to give away a portion, so if there are a strong platform to sell online but you don't have to give a dime. This sort of platform is Facebook Marketplace . If you want to sell online but don't want to spend money then this is the best platform to start with for free. There are thousands of real visitors on this App on Facebook. This is  a classified sites like App powered by oodle.

Process You can Use to start with this app.

Take a picture of your product
Write a good description of your product
Upload the product with picture & within the location you are available or want to sell your product.

Share your uploaded product with your friends & Participate on relevant discussion fan page & Give them your product reference if anyone are interested.

This are the simple process you could just apply to earn some money.

If you are planning to launch a business & needs help then you can get free advice from Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga . It's totally free.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga i con Business Development provider.

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga the i con figure in Business Development, Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Pioneer Business Development Experts. They are providing business development service for years with 100% success. Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga started providing help to the business professional a decade ago when the start up of Internet even in case of marketing. They eventually turned the internet marketing as the business assistant in their local area. Now online marketing for the product and for the business is one of the marketing plan of the company but when they started this campaign this online marketing system was not easy to convince the business publishers, so they had a tough time to convince the business owners but when the marketing plan succeeded the owners were very delighted, cause this system works without spending that much money.

Depending on the increasing demand Tony Seruga created the company to get the best help for the people. Now They are the business development i_con to their local community peoples. They uses the best method the innovative ideas to development the business and they don't allow any scam fraud and any kind of ripoff to their clients.

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Reviews on Emerging New Social Media Sites Pinterest

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Business Start up Experts, Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Local Business Development Experts, Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Pioneer Online Marketer Experts.Reviews on the considerably new social media sites Pinterest. This new sites is not yet that much heard in fact a year ago this site was not that much popular. Now Pinterest is competing with Linked In & Twitter. In some case Pinterest is ahead of them. Pinterest has eye catching website & all the pictures is great. As a Product Launching & Business Launching Expert Tony Seruga recommend Pinterest as one of the best marketplace to market the brand as It has the best potential.

Consider that when you get a pic with a good description on a site where millions of users visiting 24 hours. This could get you the things you are looking for. To market the product you should upload the pin with best photo pic of the product with a very good description, you could get the appreciation from the users.

Imagine you are selling a brand gents apparel & you have a new product, you can upload it before launch it to the market  Tony Seruga being a business i-con he tells the people to use all the potential they could use use for free cause by virtue of Google these social media sites are free to join, free to upload to product & to get appreciation or reviews. this can be done without spending a dime. So why not take this advantage. This site has another very good feature as this site is well trusted by Google , so if you create a Pin Board and post relevant to your topic then it helps to the websites & Product reputation being at the top position. This site has Alexa rank less than 40.

So anyone can do their product marketing without any scam and fraud & with on their own.