Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Review on New Social Media Site Pheed

Tony Seruga Yolanda Seruga Being the online social media sawy review on new social media site named Pheed. According to Tony Seruga there are now the rush of new social media sites but how much of them get members, not that much but the Pheed is getting good feedback from critics and getting the core things and that is it's real user. Pheed is somewhat replica of Twitter. They are promising to surpass the twitter & Facebook. Pheed is a new social media platform which offers sharing features such as text, photos and videos launched on October 1 2012, in Los Angeles by a group of friends those who are committed to take over the cloud beating Twitter & Facebook.

What is Pheed ?
OK at first this can be called as a micro-blogging site as you can post text with 420 characters which triple to the twitter supported characters. You can find that twitter supported number of character is not sufficient for you to express it within 140 characters but at Pheed you are getting 420.
You can upload videos and share with the words you want to
You can Upload pictures and share them.
I think it is competing with MySpace as it has a option with which you can upload songs & can do share.
Some of the good thing is they have the copyright badge with which you can protect your texted words if you want to just clicking on the copyright option.
You can plan & create event & schedule it & get money

Another amazing thing is you can earn money with Pheed as Pheed gives you the option to monetize your event or content either by applying a monthly subscription fee to your channel or setting a pay-per-view live broadcast event. In both cases, you select the pricing and earn directly.

Hope this will be a great platform for the people who loves social media to be in touch with their Family & Friends.

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